Simultaneous Estimation of Perindopril and Amlodipine in Combined Dosage form by RP-HPLC Method

Author(s): V. Bhaskara Raju and A. Lakshmana Rao

An accurate and precise HPLC method was developed for the simultaneous determination of perindopril and amlodipine. Separation of the drugs was achieved on a reverse phase C18 column using mobile phase consisting of phosphate buffer and acetonitrile in the ratio of 65 : 35 v/v. The flow rate was 0.6 mL/min and the detection wavelength was 237 nm. The linearity was observed in the range of 10-50 μg/mL for amlodipine and 200-1000 μg/mL for perindopril. The proposed method was validated for its linearity, accuracy, precision and robustness. The proposed method can be employed to estimate the drug contents in marketed formulations.

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