Simple and Sensitive Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of Nevirapine in Bulk and formulations

Author(s): P. Gangi Reddy, Ambati Brahma Reddy, R. Murali, A. Anton Smith, A. Kottai Muthu, S. Parimalakrishnan and R. Manavalan

A sensitive and direct spectrophotometric method is developed, which is free from extraction, derivatization, evaporation and complexation for the determination of nevirapine (NEV) in bulk drug and pharmaceutical formulation. The optimum conditions for the analysis of the drug are established. The method permits the determination of NEV over a concentration range of 1μg/mL to 10 μg/mL. Detection and quantification limit was found to be that 1.63 μg/mL and 3.12 μg/mL, respectively. The attained results shows good recoveries of 100.21%, with relative standard deviation of 0.28. All the calibration curve show a linear relation between the absorbance and concentration with correlation coefficient higher than 0.999. Precision and accuracy of the developed method is used for recovery study. The proposed method is applicable for the assay of NEV in dosage form and the results are in good agreement.

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