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Selecting Circuit Processing Sulfide Raw Materials Using Alkali Metal Salts

Author(s): Baimbetov BS, Aitenov KD, Bekisheva A, Abdikerim BE and Anarbek LA

Polymetallic sulphide concentrates obtained by bulk flotation of ores. Removing the collective concentrate all valuable components (Cu, Zn, Pb, and others). 10-15% higher compared with the recovery in a selective concentrate, reduced scheme of enrichment and processing costs repartition. Collective concentrate of heavy nonferrous metals typically comprises: Cu2S- chalcocite, CuS- cove lite, CuFeS2- chalcopyrite, sphalerite and wurtzite ZnS, pBS-galena, FeS2 - pyrite, Fe2O3-Fe3O4-FeO - iron oxides, SiO2- quartz, silica, Al2O3 - alumina, CaCO3-MgCO3- carbonates, as well as precious and rare metals. For the processing of sulphide concentrates and middling can use regenerable process reagent - soda ash Na2CO3. From a thermodynamic analysis of the reactions for HSC Chemistry Program1 revealed that the most favorable scheme to form a metal oxide and with the binding of sulfur to sodium sulfate and release of carbon dioxide:

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