Screening of Some Low-Cost Waste Biomaterials for the Sorption of Silver-Cyanide Complex [Ag (CN)2] from Aqueous Solutions

Author(s): Shivanand S. Gaddi and Yogesh B. Patil

Low-cost waste biomaterials/biomass from different categories (viz. Agricultural by-products, Industrial waste, Municipal solid waste, Fungal waste, Algal biomass and Photosynthetic plants waste) were collected from diverse sources and habitats were screened for the removal of precious silver-cyanide complex [Ag (CN)2 –] (Dicyanoargentate-DCAG) from aqueous solutions. Among the tested biomaterials, Eicchornia root and tea powder waste biomass were found to be highly efficient biosorbents of DCAG. It was observed that biosorption of DCAG took place optimally at pH 6 for majority of the biomaterials tested. Loading capacity of Eicchornia root biomass (9.74 μmol/g) was higher than that of tea powder waste biomass (9.41 μmol/g), but was marginally lower than that of conventional activated charcoal (9.95 μmol/g). Results showed that low-cost biomaterials have tremendous potentials for their applications in environmental clean-up.

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