Safe Drinking Water Management Strategies for Bharatpur City, Rajasthan

Author(s): Laxmi Kant Gupta, Renu Kulshrestha and Ram Roop Meena

Water is essential for human life. The hydrological cycle has been affected due to industrialization modernization and urbanization, which has resulted in the scarcity of water. The availability of fresh safe water is very scarce and restricted due to peculiar hydrological, geological, geomorphic and demographic features. The ground water is the major resource for drinking water. Hence the ground water quality becomes important to formulate management strategies to safe drinking water for future water requirements. The physico-chemical and bacteriological assessment of water quality is required to protect the water for further deterioration.

The water resource conservation and management strategies have been suggested to safe drinking water supply in Bharatpur city of Rajasthan, unless the other alternative sources have been developed.

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