Removal of Lead Ions using Fly Ash as Adsorbent

Author(s): S. K. Srivastava, S. K. Thakur, R. C. Tripathi and Namrata Verma

The aim of this work is to find out the effectiveness of fly ash for the removal of lead ions from its aqueous solution. Batch adsorption experiments were done in order to evaluate the efficiency of lignite as well as bituminous fly ashes. The ashes used for the purpose were Neyveli Lignite fly ash from NLC Neyveli, Tamil Nadu & Fluidized Bed Combustion ash or Bituminous ash from Tata Steel, Jamadoba. The effect of the parameters, contact time and pH on adsorp tion of lead on two flyashes used were studied. The contact time necessary for obtaining equilibrium concentration was found to be approximately one hour in acidic medium and approximately 1.5 hours in alkaline medium for both the ashes. Experimental results show that the value of equilibrium concentration of Pb 2+ (lead ions) in alkaline medium, at pH 7.80 was less than the corresponding value in acidic medium at pH 5.50. Hence fly ash in alkaline medium was found to be more effective for adsorption of lead than in acidic medium but time taken would be more. It was observed that both the fly ashes were highly effective for removing the concentration of Pb 2+ (or lead ions) from its aqueous solution.

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