Removal of iron from wet-process phosphoric acid using titanium silicate-polymer composite

Author(s): AdelA.El-Zahhar,MohsenM.Ali,AhmedM.Ahmed, Magdi E.Khalifa, ElsayedM.Abdel-Bary

Removal of iron from wet process phosphoric acid solution was studied using synthesized poly (acrylamide - acrylic acid)- titaniumsilicate (P (AMAA)- TS) composite adsorbent. The polymer composite was prepared through gamma radiation-induced template polymerization of acrylic acid (AA) on polyacrylamide (PAM) as template polymer in presence of titanium silicate and crosslinker. The prepared composite was characterized via FTIR and SEM. P(AM-AA)-TS was studied for iron removal from phosphoric acid solution, different parameters affecting the adsorption reaction were investigated (pH, contact time, metal ion concentration, adsorbent dose and temperature). Removal percentage reachedmore than 70%using P(AMAA)- TS adsorbent. The adsorption isotherms were studied to evaluate the maximum sorption capacity of adsorbent. The isotherm studies revealed that the experimental results could fit well with Langmuir model, with adsorption capacity of 2 mg/g. P(AM-AA)-TS adsorbent was applied for removal of iron from crude wet process phosphoric acid through batch, and 46% iron removal was achieved.

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