Removal of Heavy Metals from Wastewater using Low Cost Adsorbents : A Review

Author(s): V. C. Renge, S. V. Khedkar and Shraddha V. Pande

The adsorption process is being widely used by various researchers for the removal of heavy metals from waste streams and activated carbon has been frequently used as an adsorbent. Despite its extensive use in the water and wastewater treatment industries, activated carbon remains an expensive material. In recent years, the need for safe and economical methods for the elimination of heavy metals from contaminated waters has necessitated research interest towards the production of low cost alternatives to commercially available activated carbon. Therefore there is an urgent need that all possible sources of agro-based inexpensive adsorbents should be explored and their feasibility for the removal of heavy metals should be studied in detail. The objective of this study is to contribute in the search for less expensive adsorbents and their utilization possibilities for various agricultural waste by-products such as seaweed, algae, chitosan, egg shell and saw dust etc. for the elimination of heavy metals from wastewater.

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