Removal of heavy metals from aqueous media using native cassava starch-poly (sodium acrylate-co-acrylamide) hydrogel

Author(s): L.O.Ekebafe1, D.E.Ogbeifun, F.E.Okieimen

Native cassava starch poly(sodium acrylate–co-acrylamide) hydrogel was synthesized in aqueous solution by physical mixture. Saponification of the mixture was done by reaction with sodium hydroxide. The reaction was confirmed using infrared spectrophotometer and scanning electron microscope. The hydrogel was used as sorbent for the uptake of selected heavymetals fromthe aqueousmedia. The sorption capacity was evaluated by measuring the extent of sorption of chromium, copper, and lead metals ions, under equilibrium conditions, and verified using the Freundlich isothermmodel. The equilibriumdata yielded the following ultimate capacity values for the hydrogel: 76.6% Pb, 72.0% Cu and 2.8% Cr. Hydrolysis increases the sorption affinity of hydrogel toward metal ions.

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