Removal of Heavy Metal Ni (II) and Cr (VI) From Aqueous Solution by Scolecite Natural Zeolite

Author(s): Bhagyashree Salunkhe and Sunita J. Raut

The batch removal of Ni (II) and Cr (VI) ion from aqueous model solution using scolecite natural zeolite (SNZ) has been investigated under different operational parameters like initial heavy metal ion concentration, adsorbent amount, effect of pH and reuse of adsorbent amount. Natural zeolite used is characterized by SEM with EDX analysis. The equilibrium adsorption capacity of SNZ adsorbent used for Ni (II) and Cr (VI) were measured and the experimental data was analyzed by using Langmuir and Freundlich isotherm models and the experimental data are found to fit with Freundlich isotherm. The adsorption selectivity of zeolite for chosen heavy metal is Cr > Ni.

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