Relative Contents of Chloride and Sulphate in Drinking Water Samples in Different Localities of Dhakuakhana Sub-Division of Lakhimpur District of Assam

Author(s): Jayanta Chutia and Siba Prasad Sarma

The present investigation has been undertaken to compare the chloride and sulphate contents in drinking water samples of the study area. Thirty water samples were analysed during April-June 2008 for pH, total hardness, chloride and sulphate contents by adopting standard methods (APHA-AWWAWPCF, 1995). The data obtained were within the standard, the permissible limits of WHO. The chloride contents of the water of the tube wells were much less in comparison to other sources. The rivers contains higher amount of chloride. The sulphate concentrations were higher than the corresponding chloride contents in case of the tube wells and ring wells, but the trend was reversed in case of rivers.

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