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Recovery of Poly Ethylene Amine Nano Cerium Methoxy Bohrohydride Reagent: A New Class of Polymeric Reducing Agent

Author(s): Nooredin Goudarzian, Roya Saleh, Seyyed Mojtaba Mousavi and Seyyed Alireza Hashemi

Polyethylene amine functionalized with boron hydride Nano-Cerium was used as reactive polymer revival. The reagent was found to be efficient and selective in the reduction of aldehyde sand ketones to the corresponding alcohols in high yields at room temperature. The re-agent exhibited good chemo selectivity in the reduction of aldehyde sand ketones. In the competitive reduction of a 1:1 molar mixture of benzaldehyde. Benzaldehyde was selectively reduced to benzyl alcohol. The spent resin could be recycled by treating with sodium borohydride. The recycled resin was used several times without much loss in chemical reactivity and mechanical stability. The Poly Ethyleneamine-Cerium Methoxy Bohrohydride was found to be more efficient than was the Merrifield resin in the preparation of the reagent as well as in the reduction reactions.

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