Recommendations on Installation of Chock Flanges on Wellhead of the Underground Gas Storage

Author(s): Е. B. Makashev

Underground gas storage is an engineering facilities in reservoir beds of geological structures, mine openings, as well as in manufacture capacitance, build up in mineral salt deposits, intended for injection, storage and subsequent extraction of gas, which includes a part of subsurface, confined with mine allotment, well stock for various applications, gas treatment & gathering facilities and compressor rooms. Underground gas storages are constructed alongside the gas pipeline routing and major gasconsuming centers, destined for the following purposes1: • To cover seasonal irregular gas consumption, as a result of heating demand in winter period. • To reduce capital costs for gas pipeline and compressor plants. • To arrange conditions for regular work of gas sources and gas main facilities (GM) with constant average annual supply at installed power (IP) efficiency ratio close to 1. • To form national gas reserves (fuel and raw materials for chemical factories) in essential regions of the country. • To preserve associated gas in new oil-producing regions, and hydrocarbon condensate at its temporary impossibility to use. • To improve reliability of distant gas supply system in general.

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