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Quantum Information Science and its Requirement for Sophisticated Information Systems Building

Author(s): P. K. Paul, R. Senthamarai, A Bhuimali and D. Chatterjee

Quantum Information Science [QIS] is a new field which is responsible for faster and advance Communication powered by QBIT. The integration of Quantum Science and Information Science may be treated as Quantum Information Science [QIS]. Quantum Computer plays an important role to build healthy Quantum Information Science [QIS] practice. Today’s super computer and in future computer QBIT may solve hard problem and may able in speed up communication in Computation. Thus, ultimately speedy processor makes sophisticated Information Infrastructure and Communication Networks. This paper is talks about Quantum Information Science [QIS]; its need, role, values and formation of subject. Paper also mentions the way to build sophisticated Information Infrastructure. Paper highlights possible and potential courses in this field to make modern Computing and Informatics Systems.

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