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Quantitative HPLC Analysis of Phenolic Compounds in Prosopis farcta from Two Different Ecological Zones of Iran.

Author(s): Karimi E, Aidy A and Abbasi N.

Variation in content of polyphenols has been correlated with a diverse set of ecological factors. Prosopis farcta is one of the important medicinal plants known in Iran. The present study was carried out to evaluate the phytochemicals present in this plant roots and branches collected from wild populations of P. farcta a shrubs developed in two distinct localities of Iran. The collected plant material extracted with acetone and methanol. Methanol extracts of roots and branches of P. farcta a from Darreh Shahr showed a higher amount of total phenolic content compared to Ilam. The HPLC analysis of P. farcta a extracts obtained from these two geographic regions revealed the presence of various amounts of several phenolic compounds. The extracted phenolic compounds were such as Apigenin, Myricetin, Vitexin, Luteolin, Isovitexin, Quercetin and Luteolin. Vitexin in branches and caffeic acid derivative in roots were found to be in highest amounts in plants collected from Ilam while 5-deoxy luteolin showed the highest amount in roots of plant obtained from Darreh Shahr. Our results conclusively showed that there were quantitative differences of polyphenols due to different environmental conditions that allowed us to justify the occurrence of two varieties for P. farcta a in Ilam Province, Iran.

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