Quality Control of Sections in the Process of their Extrusion

Author(s): A. B. Telesheva, A. T. Turdalyev, Henryk Dyja, Ye. V. Chumakov, A. E. Uderbayeva and E. A. Tussupkaliyeva

Aluminum alloys can compete with conventional aluminum casting alloys, as well as with other materials, for cost-critical applications. Aluminum alloys, based on the Al–Mg–Si (6XXX) system, are being used in widespread applications such as automotive, marine, and aerospace industries due to their low density and appropriate mechanical properties. Al6063 is a high performance aluminum alloy with relatively desirable mechanical strength. These outstanding attributes can increase the motivation to replace ferrous metals with light weight aluminum alloys. Despite their low weight, they have inadequate strength hand hardness for this great purpose.

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