Quality Assessment of Ground Water Resources in Banahatti and Rabakavi Areas of Bagalkot District, Karnataka

Author(s): Basavaraj M. Kalshetty, R. C. Sheth, M. C. Sangannavar and M. B. Kalashetti

Ground water samples collected from different locations of Rabakavi and Banahatti towns of Bagalkot district, and analyzed for their physiochemical characteristics. The results of the analysis were compared with the water quality standards of WHO, ISI. Ten locations of ground water samples were collected and analyzed during two months for the period September 2009 and October 2009, before and after the flood in this area. The various physiochemical parameters were determined using standard procedures. The quality of ground water samples were discussed. The suitability for domestic purposes was examined by using standards in Banahatti town near spinning mills. The main objective of this study is to identify the quality of ground water especially in the industrialized area used for domestic purposes.

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