Protective Effect of Alcoholic Extract of Eclipta alba on Rat Mesenteric Mast Cell Degranulation

Author(s): Manish B. Patel, Jayesh V. Patel, Shrikalp S. Deshpande, Shital J. Panchal, I. S. anand, C. N. Patel and Jagruti A. Patel

The animal rat was sacrificed by ethically acceptable method and the pieces of mesentery were collected in petri dish containing Ringer Locke solution and then subjected to the following treatment schedules Vehicle control, Positive control, Dexamethasone (10 3g/mL), AEEA (100 3g/mL), AEEA (2503g/mL), AEEA (5003g/mL). Each petri dish was incubated for 10 min at 37°C and then to each petri dish, 0.1 mL of compound 48/80, a mast cell degranulator used to induce mast cell degranulation, having concentration 10 3g/mL was added and again incubated for 10 min at 37°C. After that all pieces were transferred to 4% formaldehyde solution containing 0.1% toluidine blue and kept aside for 20 mins. After staining and fixation, mesentery pieces were transferred through acetone and xylene two times and mounted on slides. All pieces were examined under light microscope with 450X magnification. Minimum of 100 cells were counted and percentage of intact and disrupted mast cells were determined. Disrupted mast cells were stained with toluidine blue and undisrupted mast cells remain as such almost round shaped. Percentage protection from degranulation of mast cells by the drug was determined. The mast cell protection in positive control group (77.666 ± 2.0923), model control group (compd 48/80 18.00 ± 1.1547), Dexamethasone group (57.8333 ± 1.7013), AEEA (1003g/mL) 31.33 ± 0.9888, AEEA (2503g/mL) 49.333 ± 1.6055, AEEA (5003g/mL) 59.333 ± 1.5634 was obtained. The protective effect of alcoholic extract of Eclipta alba on mast cell was obtained and was comparable to standard drug.

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