Projecting of the Autoclave-Distillate Unit and its Testing on Extraction of Osmium out of Industrial Intermediate Products of Copper Production with usage of Hydrogen Peroxide

Author(s): Gulshat Zh. Zhunussova, Serik S. Yedenbayev, Olga A. Kalyanova and Bagdat T. Altaibayev

Researches on elaboration of the technology of osmium extraction from lead cake, a pressure leaching product of lead dusts of copper production, allowed to define technological conditions of the dissolution processes in sulfuric acid cake with oxidants-hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and distillation out of osmium from the resulting solution. Pressure leaching processes of lead cake and distillation out of osmium from solution were carried out in hermetic autoclave-distillation unit, which prevented the loss of osmium and harmful toxicity effect of osmium tetroxide on the environment. In this case, the condensation of osmium was implemented beyond that unit in an alkaline solution.

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