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Progress in Organic Coating: Synthesis and Characterization Alkyd Resin Based on Soya Bean Oil and Glycerin Using Zirconium Octoate as Catalyst

Author(s): Mohamed E Elba, Elsayed M Abdel Rehim and Ramadan E Ashery

A one pot synthesis of alkyd resins based on the soya bean oil and glycerin with the zirconium octoate (zirconium 2-ethyl hexanoate) as a new renewable raw material has been observed. The alcoholysis reaction of soya bean oil and glycerin carried out in absence of nitrogen gas inlet in the presence of zirconium octoate. The alkyd resin was obtained after polycondensation of the alcoholysis products with phthalic anhydride at 250°C.The structure confirmed by FT-IR and H-NMR spectroscopy. A real possibility was determined for the synthesis of alkyd resins with some properties similar to those which can be found in equivalent products manufactured on the basis of semi-drying oil and glycerin like flexibility, drying time, hardness, adhesion test, impact resistance, gloss test and chemical resistance. The prepared resin was formulated in white lacquer and yellowing resistance tested with commercial resins.

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