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Probability as a Field Theory

Author(s): Solomon BT and Beckwith

A review of quantum theory shows that quantum theory has substantially replaced all photon behaviour with wave equations. This therefore, has resulted in a quantum theory that does not have a mechanism to explain how Nature implements probabilities. The proposal for such a mechanism is divided into 3 parts of which this paper is the third. The papers [2] and [6] are the first and second parts. This paper proposes a basic field theory for probabilities, which is derived from a step by step analysis of the Point Spread Function of photon localizations. By deconstructing probabilities to separate out the wave modulation from the underlying probabilities it is possible to determine that the photon energy is the cause of the probability field that surrounds the photon. Further, the classical definition of probabilities is used to derive a physical definition of probabilities. From this is derived the correct or true mechanism of the probability field, that of location transfer or translocation, and some addition thoughts on Bell’s Theorem.

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