Preparation of titanium dioxide anatase pigment from Rosetta ilmenite concentrate via the sulfate route

Author(s): N.A.Abdelfattah

The sulfate rout for the processing of Rosetta ilmenite concentrate for the preparation of pigment grade titanium dioxide is studied Theworking concentrate is assaying 39.89%TiO2 while the FeOand Fe2O3 assay 31.51 and 24.65% respectively. After optimizing the digestion factors, the obtaind sulfate liquor was subjected to reduction followed by crystallization of copperas (FeSO4.7H2O). To this point, the process is in the black stage. The solution of the remaining titanyl sulfate is then subjected to Hydrolysis and the resultant solids are subjected to bleaching followed by calcinations to produce a product in which the TiO2 percent exceeds 98%. The obtained, XRD pattern of the latter has shown its anatase structure.

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