Preparation of conductive nano silver ink and its application on RFID tags

Author(s): Jilan Fu, YalingLi, LixinMo,YuWang, JunRan, Zhe Pang,Luhai Li

The recent dramatic progress intheprinted electronics and flexible electronics, due to the universalityof thesubstrates includingthefoldable andstretchable substrates, has opened a newprospect in the field of future electronics. In this paper, silver nanospheres in large-scale are synthesized, the nanosilver inkwith 63.88%silver content are prepared and a newtype of highly conductive and far identify are manufactured.Especiallythere arenoresinandother additives containingin our conductive inkwhich satisfy the rheological characteristics and process of screen printing.The tags exhibit thebest radiation performance own to there is no high temperature sintering in need. The surface resistance of the tags could be 80mÙ/, and the identifydistance reach to 6.0m.

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