Preparation and mechanism of nano-BaZrO3 by solid-state reaction at low temperature

Author(s): Ding Shi-Wen, Zhang Yuan-Yuan, Zhang Hong-Jun

Nano-BaZrO3 was synthesized by Solid-State Reaction at Low temperature, useing Ba (OH) 2 • 8H2O and ZrOCl2 • 8H2O as raw materials. First, hydrolysis ZrOCl2 • 8H2O preparation of high-activity ZrO2 • H2O(H2ZrO3) then evenly grinding after mixtured with Ba (OH) 2 • 8H2O by 1:1 (mol), finallyDrying at 100 C reaction obtained a cubic bariumzirconic nanometer crystal. TEM photograph showed that they were uniform and substantially quadrate particles with the size of 40~80nm. The experiment Determined that the chemical reaction is rate controlling step at low temperature solid state reaction.

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