Preparation and evaluation of some surfactants as pour point depressants in oil field

Author(s): F.M.Ghuiba, T.T.Khidr*, S.A.Mahmoud

Three surfactants additives were synthesized by esterfication of polyethylene glycol with adibic, phythalic and citric acid then reesterfication of polyethyleneglycol adipate acid (A), phythalate acid (P) and citrate (C) with triethanolamine. The prepared surfactants were evaluated as surfactants by surface tension and critical micelle concentration. It has been found that A additive is more efficient as pour point pp 2000ppm = 12oC than P and C, pp 2000ppm = 9oC and 6oC. Blends between the best of additive A with commercial flow improver CFI and Natural wax dispersant NWD were done and evaluated as pour point depressants (500:1000:500), pp 2000ppm = -21oC.

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