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Preparation and Evaluation of Fast Dissolving Dosage Forms of Cefuroxime Axetil

Author(s): K. V. R. N. S. Ramesh, B. V. S. S. Siva Kumar and M. Satish Kumar

In the present work, three different approaches are employed to prepare fast dissolving forms of cefuroxime. Cefuroxime axetil (CA) and beta cyclodextrin complex is prepared by kneading method and it is found that the complex is formed in 1 : 1 molar ratio as evidenced by the phase solubility studies. Compared to the pure drug, the complex exhibited faster dissolution of the drug. Solid dispersion of the drug with polyglycolized lipid - gelucire (50/13) also significantly enhanced dissolution but the product is found to be not free flowing and is found to be unhandable. So a modified approach of depositing the drug and gelucire dispersion on microcrystalline cellulose is employed, which not only showed good free flowing property (suitable for conversion to a tablet dosage form) but also gave higher dissolution than the drug and gelucire dispersion. A solid dispersion of drug in hydroxypropyl cellulose (HPC) is prepared, which exhibited highest dissolution rate compared to the other two approaches. The CA - HPC dispersion is converted into tablet dosage forms by direct compression employing MCC or Prosolv (silicified MCC) and a combination of excipients. The formulation prepared with Prosolv gave tablets of better pharmaceutical characteristics than those prepared with MCC.

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