Preparation and Characterization of Nano-Copolymers (Styrene/2-Ethyl Hexyl Acrylate) based on Two Different Surfactants and Use it as a Binder for Surface Coatings

Author(s): H Abd El-Wahab, M Attia, WA Hassan, A M Nasser, and A Kazlauciunas

Nano emulsion copolymers are stable liquid-in-liquid dispersions. Smaller particle size tends to result in promoting key properties such as high surface area per unit volume, gloss, washablity, viscosity, and stability. Thus, new nano-styrene acrylate copolymers based on 2-ethyl hexyl acrylate monomer using two different surfactants, were prepared by emulsion polymerization and formulated as a binder for water based paints, with a view to gaining potentially useful properties. These nano emulsion copolymers were confirmed and characterized by means of IR, GPC, DSC, TGA, TEM and zeta potential. The prepared nano-copolymer showed an enhancement in solid content and viscosity, and also revealed an ideal glass transition temperature for a coating formulation. Finally, we compared the results obtained for the prepared nano-copolymers with a commercial styrene acrylate copolymer, with respect to use as a binder for paints. The results obtained indicate that the prepared nano-copolymers can be used as a binder for paints, with the advantage of improvement in both film properties and mechanical properties of the paints.

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