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Preparation and characteristic of expandable polyamide-6/graphite composite

Author(s): Jihui Li, Jing Li, Huifang Da, Ning Li, Qian Liu

Expandable polyamide-6/graphite composite (P-6/GC) is a newcomposite. Expandable P-6/GCis providedwith the exfoliated propertywhile is heated at 300oC. Owing to using an expandable reagent containing graphite carbon, electron transfers property of P-6/GC exfoliated has been strengthened. Infrared spectrumis applied to attest polyamide-6 on graphite worm. Images of scanning electron microscope show worm-like morphology of P-6/GCexfoliated.Comparing the volume resistivity of expandable P-6/GC to P/-6GCexfoliated, the result is that P-6/GC exfoliated has stronger electron transfers than expandable P-6/GC.

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