Preparation and characterisation of short segment modifiers: Effect of modifiers and nanoclay on epoxy resins

Author(s): M.Suguna Lakshmi, B.S.R.Reddy

The preparation and characterization of 10 tailored epoxides of 1, 4-, 1,5- and 1,6-methylene diols, bisphenol and hydroquinonewith terephthalate or isophthalate backboneswere reported.The solventless reaction of epoxides that have been tailor madewith flexible and rigid segments systematically to enhance the properties of DGEBAepoxy resins were carried out systematically. The effect of these newly synthesized epoxides and the nanoclayin improvingthe propertiesof conventionalDGEBA/DDS systems were described by the analysis of thermal behaviour, thermal stability,mechanicalproperties,LC behaviour, degradation kinetic studies and structure morphologycharacteristic studies.

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