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Preliminary Phytochemical Screening and Study of Antiviral Activity and Cytotoxicity of Wrightia Tinctoria

Author(s): S. Sathyanarayanan, P. Selvam, Asha Jose, Rijo Mary George, K.G. Revikumar and J. Neyts

Wrightia tinctoria was investigated for the preliminary phytochemical analysis and characterization by various instrumental techniques. Indole derivatives such as isatin, induribine, tryphanthrine and fatty acids were identified. Methanolic extract of leaf parts of Wrightia tinctoria (WT) have been studied against replication of HCV in Huh 5.2 cells. The 50% effective concentration for inhibition of HCV in RNA subgenomic replicon replication in huh 5-2 cells (luciferase assay) by CWT was found to be 15
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