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Practical investigation of zinc oxide nano plate effects on the performance of closed solar powered still

Author(s): Milad Jadidoleslami, Farshad Farahbod, Hamzeh Hasani

Brackish wastewater is mostly discharged to the sea or desert, which put the environment and ecosystem on the danger and result in significant problems. In order to reuse brackish wastewater of Mobin petrochemical complex and to produce sweet water, a closed solar powered still is set up. Obviously, the increase in brackishwater temperature increases the average daily production of solar desalination still, considerably. So, the nano plate and vacuum pump are added to augment the evaporation rate. Experiments are held to find the effect of nano plate and vacuum pump on solar energy adsorption. The vacuum pump pulls out the water vapor slightly from the solar box and improves the vaporization. Results indicate that nano plate augments evaporation rate; thus it produces more sweet water and saves more energy in contrary to the solar powered still without nano plate.

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