Practical investigation of spray dryer performance

Author(s): Milad Jadidoleslami,Amin Shamsoddin Pour

Undoubtedly, in order to have a better performance of spray drying the related knowledge of spray drying should rise up. Even though today spray dryersaresomewhatmanual operator, this practical investigation intends to advance the performance of spray dryer as the ultimate step in the chemical process. In order to have better product quality, enhanced safety practices and more environmentally friendly operations as well as higher efficiency, excelling energy yield and using of less material, this type of dryer is considered for investigating experimentally. So,effective parameterincluding energy consumption, drying capacity, the optimum time to dry, the air velocity, the ratio of sodium chloride to the air flow velocity, chloride sodium solution color and water content are studied, experimentally. The results show that the optimal momentum of hot air is 1/7 meter per second.

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