Potentiality of uranium solubilization from phosphate rock sample using mixture of organic acids of fermented media

Author(s): Maisa M.Amin, Reda A.Ghazala

Testing of El-Sibaiya phosphate using the fermentedmedia of the Penicillium Simplicissimum (P. simplicissimum), in which both citric and oxalic acids are considered the main leaching agents.About 82%of the original uranium contentwas leached out of the ore. The applied leaching conditions included S/L ratio, stirring time and theworking temperature. On the other hand, only 64%of the phosphate uraniumcontentwas leached using a syntheticmixture of both citric and oxalic acids in simulated concentrations as the natural ones. The difference between the leachability ratios in both cases was attributed to the presence of some proteins in the fermented media which was assured by the chemical analysis. Such proteinswere responsible about the dissolution of 18% of the uranium content from the target ore.

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