Potable Water Quality with Respect to Total Dissolved Solids and Total Hardness of Bharatpur District of Rajasthan

Author(s): Laxmi Kant Gupta, Lata Sharma and Ram Roop Meena

The ground water is the major resource for drinking water. The ground water resources include tube-wells, hand pumps and open wells. The availability of fresh, safe ground water is very scarce and restricted due to peculiar hydrological, geological, geomorphic and demographic features. The physicochemical assessment of water quality is required to protect the water for further deterioration. A variety of chemical substances such as fluoride, nitrate, chloride, total dissolved solids and total hardness are dominant in the ground water contamination. A study has been carried out for the determination of chemical parameters such as total hardness and total dissolved solids in ground water resources used for drinking purposes in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan. There is a huge variation in concentration of total hardness and total dissolved solids.

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