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Phytotoxic Stress of Treated Distillery Effluent on Seedling Growth and Chlorophyll Content of Oryza Sativa L

Author(s): M. A. Ali Khan and Ruby Rani

 A study was carried out to observe the phytotoxic stress of distillery effluent on the seed germination of Oryza sativa L. The study revealed that 25 % concentration of effluent promoted seed germination and seedling growth of two cultivars of Oryza sativa cv. Pusa-44 and Saka-4. The higher

concentration of effluents retarded not only seed germination but also seedling growth. Emergence index, vigour index, germination relative index, phytomass and chlorophyll content were found significantly higher in 25 % concentration than 50 % and 100 % of distillery effluent over control. It is
recommended that 25 % distillery effluent may be recycled as ferti-irrigation for sustainable agriculture in Indian scenario for environmental conservation.

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