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Phytochemical Studies on Aerial Parts of Eucalyptus Gerandiana

Author(s): Anita Shakya Neetu Arya, S. P. Sharma and R. C. Saxena

Eucalyptus gerandiana is commonly used in Indian traditional medicine for the treatment of variety of diseases. Over phytochemical studies on the E. gerandiana showed the presence of terpenoid in the decoction of the aerial part. However, the chemical constituents responsible for pharmacological activities remain to be investigated. Loss of weight on drying was 56.6% and the yield for ethanol and chloroform extracts were 3.06%, 2.02% respectively. Preliminary qualitative chemical analysis of extract was found positive for terpenoid. The Infra Red (IR) spectra of the crude extract revealed the presence of different functional group ranging from - C ≡ C stretching alkynes group (2170.4 cm-1), C = C stretching for alkenes (1638.7 cm-1), – OH stretching for hydroxyl group (1404.4 cm-1), = C – H bonding for alkane group (771.7 cm-1) and secondary alcohol stretching (1107.2 cm-1). The main compound identified in E. gerandiana leaf was 2-hydroxy-1, 1´ 5, 9, 14, 20, 20´-heptamethyl-12-ene-triterpenoid.

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