Phytochemical Screening of RAndia Dumetoram Plant Extracts for the Antioxidant Activity by DPPH Method and their Antibacterial and Antiviral Activities

Author(s): Kokila A. Parmar, Sarju N. Prajapati and Amit P. Jani

Randia dumetoram was investigated for preliminary phytochemical analysis and characterization by various instrumental techniques. Methanolic extracts of Randia dumetoram fruits bark has very good antibacterial activity and also minimum inhibitory concentrating for different virus using HEL cell cultures, HeLa cell cultures, and Vero cell cultures but MIC of Herpes simplex-1 and 2, vaccinia virus, vesicular stomatitis and Herpes simplecx-1 (TK ACVI ) were observed. Very good antiviral activity of Randia dumetoram fruits bark DMSO extracts and good minimum cytotoxic concentration activity was also observed.

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