Physico-Chemical Characterization of the Effluents of Shetakari Sahakari Sugar Factory Ltd. Killari (Maharashtra) and its Impact on Near by Ground Water Resources

Author(s): Jairaj K. Dawle

The effluent and ground water quality viz. temp, pH, E. C., TDS, alkalinity, arsenic, fluoride, D.O., COD, chloride, total hardness, phosphate, sulphate, nitrate and BOD of the Shetakari Sahakari Surag Factory Ltd. Killari Ta. Ausa Dist. Latur and nearby dug well and bore wells were studied for the pre- and post - monsoon seasons of 2008. The analysis has shown the non-contamination of the ground waters. The ground water at the Killari station was recorded to have different physico-chemical parameters within the prescribed limits for drinking, cleaning cloths and agricultural purposes.

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