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Physico-Chemical Characterization of the Effluents and Nearby Ground Waters of Tulja Bhavani Co-operative Sugar Factory Ltd., Naldurg, Tq. Tuljapur, Dist. Osmanabad

Author(s): Jaishree L. Somwanshi and S. K. Akuskar

The physico-chemical analysis of the effluents of Tulja Bhavani Cooperative Sugar Factory Ltd. Naldurg Dist. Osmanabad and Nearby dug well and bore well waters of pre- and post monsoon seasons of 2006 and 2007 has been carried out in present investigation. The methods employed for the analysis are as per the standard methods recommended by APHA1, WHO2, ICMR3, IS, IS 3307-1977. The water samples during pre monsoon and post monsoon seasons from the various sites were collected and analytical estimations was done. The values are compared with the standard limits. The study reveals that the physico–chemical parameters are within the permissible limits with some slight variations in some parameters.

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