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Physico-Chemical Characteristics and Fatty Acid Composition of Some New Varieties of Oil Seeds

Author(s): Manju Gupta and S. K. Shrivastava

Five new varieties of oil seeds, viz Arachis hypogaea JGN-3, Brassica compestries VARUNA, Carthamus tinctorius JSF-1, Glycine max JS-90-41 and Helianthus annus KBSH-1 have been studied for their physico-chemical characteristics and fatty acid composition. Distinct differences in free fatty acid (0.41-0.70%), iodine value (95.19-148.47), saponification value (174.83-194.13) and refractive index (1.4630-1.4681) were observed. Qualitative differences were observed in the fatty acid composition. Total saturated fatty acids ranged from (3.11-37.39%); unsaturated fatty acids varied from (62.58-96.87 %). Palmitic, stearic, oleic and linoleic acid were major fatty acids in most of the oil seeds, except in Brassica compestries VARUNA, which contained 9.63% linolenic acid and 65.20% erucic acid.

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