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Physico-Chemical Analysis of Groundwater Pollution in Cuddalore District, Tamil Nadu, India

Author(s): Ganesh Kumar G, Mohammed Ismudeen AR and Natarajan V

As the groundwater is the major component of water system and contamination of which results in pollution of various water bodies. In Cuddalore, at SIPCOT industrial area, it was reported to be highly contaminated groundwater. Cuddalore is a well-known place for the production of many chemical fertilizers. From this production, the effluent of the chemical industries is drained into the Gadilam River. This effluent will affect the quality of groundwater. This type of water is called polluted water. Mostly, the pollutants are industrial chemicals, effluents and other wastes. There are about five samples were taken from five different areas from bore water. From the statistical analysis; Total Dissolved Solid (TDS), Electrical Conductivity (EC), pH, Hardness, Chlorides test were carried out. All the values were found above the prescribed Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The district of groundwater pollution in Cuddalore is emerging. Therefore, we have to be aware of polluted groundwater in Cuddalore district and currently the groundwater is being polluted for cent percent but we cannot avoid the water to be polluted.

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