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Physicochemical Analysis of Ground Water Samples of Jamkhandi Town in Bagalkot District, Karnataka State

Author(s): B. M. Kalshetty, R. C. Sheth, P. S. Hiremath and M. B. Kalashetti

Ground water and municipal water samples were collected from five locations in Jamkhandi town and analyzed for their physicochemical characteristics. The study was carried out by collecting four ground water samples (two open wells and two bore wells) and one municipal water sample during March 2010 – June 2010. The present investigation and objective of this study was focused on the determination of physicochemical parameters, and to examine the quality of ground water and its suitability for domestic purposes by using WHO and ISI standards. It was found that the ground water was contaminated at few sampling sites namely APMC yard and Girish Nagar (open wells). The sampling sites Siddarameshwar Colony and Kadapatti showed physicochemical parameters within the water quality standards and quality of water is good & fit for drinking purpose.

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