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Physico-chemical Analysis of Ground Water Samples of Firozabad District U.P. (India)

Author(s): Swanti A. Jain, Asha D. Patel, N. K. Prajapati and B. K. Srivastava

Ground water is one of the most useful water sources. Contamination of such water source is a big problem creating health hazards. The dyeing units at small scale levels in the glass city of U.P. are ever increasing. The effluents from dying units play a vital role in toxicating the ground water quality. In the present study, we have collected groundwater samples from different places of Firozabad district (U.P.) India. These samples have been analysed on the basis of various qualitative parameters. Estimation of physicochemical parameters was carried out. This study was aimed to assess the suitability of the ground water for the domestic and agricultural purposes. The results obtained in the present investigation show that the concentration of fluoride, electrical conductivity and total dissolved solids (TDS) were in excess where as nitrate and chloride were found in large amounts in some of the drinking water sources. In the period of present course, the fluoride amount was noticed in very high range which may cause health hazards for human being. The main aim of the present communication is to highlight the pollution load in the selected study area.

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