Physicochemical Analysis of Drinking Water Supplied in Urban Towns of Bharatpur District (Rajasthan)

Author(s): L. K. Gupta and Ram Roop Meena

The problem of safe drinking water in Rajasthan is serious due to the excess of Fluoride, Nitrate, Hardness, Total dissolved solids. Physico-chemical characteristics of Drinking Water supplied by PHED in Bharatpur district (Rajasthan) were studied. The studies were carried out in the month June 2013. Some important physico-chemical parameters like pH, total dissolved solids (TDS), alkalinity, Fluoride, Nitrate, Total hardness (T.H.) were analyzed in collected water samples. Several sampling points have been selected. It has been observed that parameters like Fluoride, Nitrate and Total Hardness, Total dissolved solids have higher values in some water samples as compared to BIS standards. A higher concentration of these ions causes diseases to human beings and affects vegetation.

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