Photocatalytic Removal of Some Textile Dyes over Suspension of Titanium Dioxide and Irradiation with Solar Radiation

Author(s): Abbas J. Lafta, Amjed M. Odeh, Heyfa A. Abidalameer, Hussein A. Esmael, Inas J. Mubark and Firdos S. Abid Alameer

The present work involves investigation of the photocatalytic removal of some textile dyeing using a suspension of titanium dioxide as a photocatalyst under irradiation with sunlight. Used textile dyes were direct blue, disperse blue, direct yellow, reactive yellow, disperse red, reactive blue, disperse yellow, and reactive red. All reactions were performed using 20 ppm of aqueous solution with a suspension of titanium dioxide of each dye under normal weathering conditions with under normal solar radiation. Photocatalytic removal of each dye was followed by measuring the optical intensity of each dye at its maximum absorption periodically. From the obtained results, it was found that the concentration of the used dyes was reduced with the time of irradiation. Photocatalytic activity of dye removal under the same reaction conditions fall in the following sequence: Reactive red > Disperse yellow > Reactive yellow > Direct yellow > Disperse blue > Direct blue.

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