Photocatalytic Degradation of Environmentally Hazardous Crystal Violet Dye using Bismuth Oxychloride as Photocatalyst

Author(s): Brijesh Pare, David Swami, T. R. Thapak and Tehmina Qureshi

Photocatalytic degradation of crystal violet, a widely used industrial dye has been studied utilizing visible light and BiOCl as photocatalyst. This manuscript discusses the optimizing conditions for efficient photocatalytic degradation of crystal violet such as the effect of variation of pH, dye concentration, catalyst loading, light intensity and effect of addition of oxidants such as H2O2 & K2S2O8 and salts such as Na2CO3 & NaCl. Experimental studies revealed the catalyst loading of 90 mg/100 mL as the optimal dose for the degradation of 2.5 x 10-5 mole dm-3 dye. The gradual reduction in the COD revealed its complete mineralization. Results demonstrated that BiOCl in the presence of visible irradiation can effectively degrade crystal violet dye.

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