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Pharmacognostical Studies on Lagenaria Siceraria (Mol.) Stand Leaves

Author(s): R. Badmanaban, C. N. Patel, P. Sam Daniel and Kamal Modh

Lagenaria siceraria (bottle gourd), belonging to the family cucurbitaceae, is a medicinal plant and utilizable species. Lagenaria siceraria, considered indigenous to India and its grown throughout the year .The tender bottle gourds are used as a vegetable and are good source of vitamins B and C .The plant is also known to possess purgative, anti-inflammatory, antileprotic, antipyretic and diuretic activities. The proper pharmacognostical studies have not been reported for this plant. Current study was therefore carried out to provide requisite pharmacognostical details. It includes the T.S section of different views, powder microscopically characters, and other proximate analysis data. Phytochemical parameters were determined to identify the diagnostic features of Lagenaria siceraria leaves.

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