Performances of Remineralization Post for Reverse Osmosis (RO)-Desalted Water

Author(s): F. Elazhar, M. Tahaikat, M. El Azhar, Z. Jalili, A. Zouahri, M. Hafsi, K. Tahri and A. El Midaoui

From the launching of the Laâyoune desalination plant, the post-treatment process was based on caustic soda for the remineralization of the produced water. Consequently, two problems were encountered during the plant operation: both the aggressivity and the corrosivity of the produced water cause the gradual damage of the water transport canalizations. To reduce these negatives impacts, the caustic soda was substituted by the lime, using a saturator. This study was conducted to examine the performances of lime Ca(OH2) on the stabilities of the distributed water and the pipeline materials. The results show that the distributed water presents a satisfactory quality according to the Moroccan guidelines of drinking water with an excellent reproducibility. The analysis and operation of the performances of the saturator by lime has highlighted the recommendations to be followed in case of malfunction of the process.

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