Performance Analysis of Four Stroke Si Engine with Preheated Intake Air

Author(s): Victor Davis, S. Mohhammed Shafee and P. Baskar

The drastic depletion of petroleum fuel from the crust of earth will lead to energy crisis in future. Improving the efficiency of all the systems using petroleum products is a way to manage this scenario until an effective alternative is found. The application of thermocouple modules in automobiles is the result of recent significant development in material sciences. In this paper, an attempt has been made to experimentally investigate the performance parameters such as brake specific fuel consumption, total fuel consumption, brake thermal efficiency, mechanical efficiency, indicated thermal efficiency by preheating the intake air using a thermocouple module on a single cylinder four stroke spark ignition engine. The brake specific fuel consumption and total fuel consumption is found to decrease when the air is preheated indicating the reduction in the fuel consumption. The mechanical efficiency is observed to increase at all loads. The mechanical efficiency, brake thermal efficiency, indicated thermal efficiency have shown an increased value for the preheated intake than the stock intake.

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