Performance Analysis of Bacteria Foraging and Biogeography Based Optimization Techniques for a Non-Linear Spherical Tank Process

Author(s): Deepa Thangavelusamy and Lakshmi Ponnusamy

The performance comparison using optimization technique with a focus on a spherical tank process has been discussed. The study is carried out experimentally using a spherical tank process. The transfer function is derived from the open loop response of real time setup of spherical tank system using LabVIEW software. The input is flow (LPH) and the output is the water level (cm). The Internal Model Control based Proportional Integral (IMCPI) Controller is designed to control the level of the water in the tank. The controller parameters are tuned using various optimization techniques like Bacteria Foraging (BF) and Biogeography Based Optimization (BBO). The performance of the above mentioned controllers are compared for set point tracking and disturbance rejection. From the results, it is inferred that the BBOPI gives minimum Integral Square Error (ISE) and better tracking performance.

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